Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sassy Has Left the Building

Today the Grouchy Old Lady my sister, Sassy, traveled over the Rainbow Bridge.  

She was very old, like nearly ancient and was here when I arrived three years ago.  She ruled the roost, or at least she thought she did.  I liked to chase her and smell her butt, which was not approved by my mama and papa and I regularly got yelled at scolded for doing so.  However, she only hissed at me a few times and she hardly ever swatted me, which was pointless because she had been declawed.

That means there is no longer a reason for me to sit at the bottom of the stairs and stare at the little door in the big door that she could scamper through when I got really annoying or she just wanted some alone "leave me alone" time.

There is no point in sitting on the other side of the kittie  kiddie gate thinking she will come and play, which she never did. 
Sassy and the annoying "Gate of Protection"
She wasn't much for playing, unless it was with a mouse or chipmunk.  I blame that on the fact that she was already old and tired when I got here and she misunderstood my intentions.

There is no chance I will be able to sneak into her special room and steal her food or find any delicious litter covered cat poo to snack on. 

I will not be able to follow her into the bathroom and look wistfully at her lording over me from the open window.
Go away Dog, can't you see I am meditating and your staring is disturbing me
Lastly, I won't need to stand at the fence and yodel at her because she is strolling through the yard, ignoring me as though she doesn't hear me.

I'm going to miss having her around but I will probably get myself into a lot less trouble.

Rest in Peace, Sweet Sassy.  Thank you for sharing your people with me.  

Until next time...Sir Titan of Nottingham CGC TT


Saturday, August 17, 2013

It's Official

Look what came in the mail today...my very own National Association of Canine Scent Work OFFICIAL SCOREBOOK!  I even have my very own  K9 Number...K006341.  How stinkin' cool is that?
So, what's next you might be asking yourself.  Well, first I have to pass an Odor Recognition Test which I was going to take in September but my mama and papa have another engagement that day, so I'm not sure when I will get that uh-com-plish-d.  Once that's completed, I can work on passing a Nose Work I test.  For now, I'm content to have my very own book and number!  Three Cheers for Me!!!

Until next time...Sir Titan of Nottingham CGC TT

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Troy's New Family

Well, admittedly, it took me quite a long time to write a post about my foster brother, Troy which I finally finished just yesterday.

Today, Troy went home with his new family.  You might not know that my mama and papa are retired firefighters, cross-trained as EMT's.  Troy's new family are EMT's, cross-trained as firefighters.  It's like it was meant to be!

Troy went to an a-dop-shun event today with my mama and papa, then they dropped him off at the shelter and came home, assuming they would return later to pick him up.  My papa's phone rang around 4:00 with the news that Troy was going home.  So my papa jumped up, adrenaline pumping through his handsome body, grabbed my old Troy's Nyla bone and headed to the shelter.  He wanted to meet them and tell them everything he knew about Troy in order to help ease his transition to his new home.

They went to the shelter especially to check Troy out, after seeing him online and watching his videos (in which I have a cameo part).  They spent a lot of time with him, even throwing the ball for him in the obedience room.

I'm really excited for Troy, although I will miss having him around to rough-house with.  He will have TWO human siblings, a HORSE, a big fenced yard and a POND right down the road.  His new mama and papa work different schedules, so he won't have to spend a lot of time alone.  They understand that he is still a puppy and they want to take him to obedience classes!

It sounds like Troy scored the perfect family to grow old with.  Good luck little foster brother, I hope you have a long, happy, loving, wonderful life! 
5/12/13  Troy's first day at Nottingham Fosters


8/2/13  Troy's last day with us
Until next time...Sir Titan of Nottingham CGC TT

Friday, August 2, 2013

Troy's Story

This is the story of Troy, the foster pup.  He's part dog, part zebra.

Just because he has a bum leg doesn't mean he gets to sit in the garden!
Troy came to stay with us the beginning of May.  He was trans-fur-duh from In-d-Anna with his sister to the Animal Welfare Society in West Kennebunk, Maine where my mama and papa vol-un-tear.  His sister got a-dop-ted but it was discovered that Troy had an old break to his leg that needed to be repaired.  That's why he got that awesome zebra splint and got to come to my house.

He stayed two weeks before the vet Doc-tur opened his leg and put special pins in it to fix his bone.  Now, I've had a lot of bones and none of them had pins in them so I'm not sure what that whole pin thing is all about but I'm told it will help his leg be strong, just like the other one.  He got special "feel good" medicine and came back the next day.  He's a tough little bugger!
Ouch! That's gonna leave a scar.
Troy came home with very special instructions about playing...NO playing, running, jumping, tugging...NO nothing for eight weeks.  Being a dog, I'm not that good with math but my mama says that 8 weeks is the same as 2 months.  All I know is that he can't do anything except stay in his crate or walk outside on a leash to go to the bathroom for way too long.  
Such a sad face ;o(
Made himself a nice cave in which to hide ;o)
When he first started staying upstairs with us in his crate, I didn't like it very much.  I was afraid of the crate, even though my mama and papa told me it wasn't for me.  It wasn't even big enough for me.  I spent several nights sitting in the other room all by myself, which was boring.  Finally, I moved onto my mat next to the couch, then onto my bed in the living room.  Finally, after several days, I felt comfortable enough to lay on the footstool at my papa's feet and nap while Troy slept in his crate.

Papa let Troy loose in the backyard occasionally so he could feel the grass under his feet,
NOOOOO running!!!
under his belly

and even his back.

My mama even got a picture of my Auntie Wendy visiting with him.
kisses for you
Did someone say smile?
My mama felt bad for him during the really hot, humid weather and made a special trip to the  store to buy him a bright pink pool.  We learned that he LOVES the water.  Apparently he is not aware that a dog can melt if wet, or at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
I've never seen such a large water bowl.
Yes, I look good in pink!
This is cool ;o)
We also learned that he enjoys digging in the wet dirt. 
Mud?  What mud?
Oh, that mud!
Then one day, Troy's house arrest was over and we got to play!

Troy has been available for adoption for three weeks now and no one has come to the shelter to take him home.  He gets to go to a-dop-shun events and my mama and papa take him out and about so people can see what a great dog he is.  Do you know someone looking for a nearly perfect dog?  Here's some good info you can share with them...

He's about one year old and weighs only 35 pounds.
He's crate trained and virtually housebroken if kept to a consistent schedule.
He loves the water and playing fetch.
He's really good at chewing sticks and bones.
He's going through obedience classes and already knows "sit", "down", "stay" and he's working on "come".
He really likes BACON (but then, who doesn't?)
He likes riding in the car.
He doesn't mind having a bath or getting his nails trimmed.
He's good with other dogs.
He loves kids.
He likes the cat but he's not overly interested in her.
He snores very softly.
His "bum" leg is all healed and shouldn't need any other medical treatment.
My mama and papa would keep him if they didn't travel to Floor-i-duh in the winter.

You can check out his profile and a-dop-shun information here.  
I'm comfortable here but I'm really looking forward to having a family of my very own ;o)

Until next time...Sir Titan of Nottingham CGC TT