Tuesday, May 10, 2016


No, not the composer...the foster dog!  
My mama and papa brought him home to spend ten days with us.  Surprisingly, I like playing with him, although he's kind of mouthy and he has shark teeth...they are small baby teeth but they are razor sharp!

That's one of the things he will be working on while he stays with us, along with pottying outside and sitting nicely before treats.

Oh yeah, he likes to bark, too but we just ignore him when he does; however, he gets a tasty treat when he's quiet.  

My mama says...he's not a pit bull but he is still cute!  

It didn't take him very long to learn that my mama has treats in that fancy bag on her belt.
Hey lady...I smell treats!
Today was FINALLY nice enough to be outside all afternoon!  I got to have the back yard all to myself while the little land shark helped with the gardening in the front yard. It turns out he helps best from inside a nice, roomy crate.
I don't think he was all that impressed being crated.
He has several chew toys in there to keep him busy but he would rather sit there and gather sympathy.  Such a sad sack!

Until next time...Sir Titan of Nottingham CGC TT