Sunday, September 28, 2014

Waiting, Waiting...

As my mama dangles my favorite outside toy in front of me, I'm working hard on my impulse control. 
I want to jump up and take it off her finger...uh uh

But instead I sit "easy" and wait for the okay...good, good  Music to my ears.

Now give me the darn toy!

Until next time...Sir Titan of Nottingham CGC TT

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Strut Your Mutt 2014

Today was my fourth time strutting my stuff to raise money for sick and injured animals that find their way to the Animal Welfare Society.  For a dog like me that gets nervous around other dogs, the Strut isn't easy.  (It's even harder on my mama, she's always a nervous ninny wreck.)  However, I did better this year than any previous year.  I never yodeled, not even once.  My mama and papa raised $135 toward The Fixers total of more than $2000.  
It was a beautiful day!

UGH!  This doesn't exactly fit in the neighborhood, nothing New England coast about it.
Wonder what the neighbors think of this ugly mess
Lots of dogs and people, which is why we never get on the beach
Wicked nice sunflower
Voted "The Coolest Dog" by the Poop Patrol
The only view my mama gets...
Throw back to the last few years
Until next time...Sir Titan of Nottingham CGC TT

Monday, September 1, 2014

Gimme an F...

Gimme an I...Gimme a V...Gimme an E!  Why?  Because today's my birthday and I'M FIVE!
That means I've been around for FIVE years, that's like 35 years in people years.  It's like I need to have a mid-life crisis or something, right?  Nah, no crisises for me, it's all good!!!

Now, I think being five means I should get FIVE presents...right?  Technically, I guess I did get five presents.  

I got a new outside toy...
Seriously, this is my most favoritist toy I have ever enjoyed!  I think my old one was just getting broken in but I do sometimes get my teeth stuck in it, so it's a good thing I got a new one.
Used AND abused
I got a new collar and it matches my martingale collar, otherwise known as my "walking" collar because it's the one I wear when I go for a walk.
I got a doggie treat that looks like a frosted donut.  
Have you ever seen anything so cool?  My mama and papa got it for me in No. Conway while they were at camp and had been hiding it in the fridge ever since they came home.  I must pay more attention to what's in the fridge. 

I got my very own Wendy's hamburger!
I am a very polite burger eater, always savoring the bun before I gobble up the meat.
AND I got a new inside toy because I loved my old one to death, totally!  It lasted a long, long time, tho...I brought it home from Floor-i-duh in April!
The yuckiest part of my birthday was having my stupid picture taken, over and over and over until my mama got the perfect picture.  She's taking pictures of ME, which makes them ALL perfect!  Well, I guess these two aren't very perfect...
Time to take this dumb hat OFF
I need some rest!
The rest are quite spectacular, if I do say so myself.

Check out my new collar
Yes, I'm spoiled, what's your point?

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Until next time...Sir Titan of Nottingham CGC TT