Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nose Work, Week 3

Well, last night was my third Nose Work class.  Although I rocked the class last week, I didn't fare quite so well this week.  In fact, I earned two, TWO, timeouts.  This is not something of which to be proud.  Apparently, I am not allowed to relieve myself mark a pole pee during a search.  There happened to be a spot, far, far away from the search area that drew my attention and I couldn't draw myself away from that area, even when my mama rudely pushed gently guided me back toward the search area. So I did what I do when I feel the need to let other dogs know "I was here"...I peed.  Bad Dog!  I was quickly placed back on a leash and removed from the search area to sit all alone in a cold, dark car and give thought to my recent indiscretion.

When it was my turn again, I was ready to work and did a fine job of searching and finding the "hide" very quickly.  I will admit that Miss Pam made it easy for me.  Then it was like Groundhog Day, you know the movie where the same day happens over and over and over.  That smell!  I caught a wiff of That Smell again.  Well, you know what happened next...I ran right over to another pole and.........peed.  Bad Dog!  Once again I was removed to the car.  The point I'm supposed to get is that even though I'm having so much fun, being off leash and running around "like there's a circus in my head" (thank you for the quote Auntie Wendy) I'M NOT ALLOWED TO PEE DURING THE SEARCH OR I GET TO SPEND TIME ALONE IN THE CAR.

I did get to come in once more and Miss Pam made it even easier for me.  All the other dogs were finding the "hide" in buckets, on chairs, in the corner; all my "hides" were placed in two rows right in front of me so I couldn't miss them.  

Here's a little video of me doing what I'm supposed to do...searching, not peeing.

This isn't very exciting to watch but it gives you an idea of what Nose Work is all about.  My job is to find the "hide" (treats) by smelling and my mama's job is to add more treats into the container so I stay with it.  Eventually the treats will be replaced with an odor, like anise or birch, and when I find it, I still get treats.  That's what I call "a good game to play".

Until next time...Sir Titan of Nottingham CGC TT

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