Friday, July 4, 2014

Fourth of July Photo Shoot

Wishing each and everyone a Happy Fourth of July.  In honor of this most fabulous celebration, my mama got me some new fancy duds and then made me "sit" and "down" and pose for the camera.  She's working on some Sir Titan greeting cards but the whole process is not moving very fast.  The photo session was very successful but then, it's with ME so why wouldn't it be!

This is my new bow tie that my mama got when she went to the Strawberry Festival with my Auntie Wendy.
Then, there's the Kiki's Kanine Kerchief that my mama made special, just for me.  You can't tell by the pictures but it's reversible.
And lastly, the goofy hat that my Auntie Wendy gave us which I think used to belong to her furbaby, Ginger.  I think it's a little girly.
I was extremely co-op-r-a-tiv, which totally surprised my mama.  This is what I really thought about the whole, silly thing.
Enjoy the holiday and remember to keep your doggies home and safe, not all dogs are as brave and confident as I am and they are frightened by fireworks.

Until next time...Sit Titan of Nottingham CGC TT

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