Saturday, June 6, 2015

Pack Walkin'

Today I went on my first pack walk!  Well, technically, my mama and I attempted a pack walk a few years ago but I freaked out in the parking lot, more than once and my mama was so distressed that we got back in the car and went home.  So, that one doesn't really count.

My mama and I have learned a few things since then.  First of all, we don't get out in the parking lot, surrounded by a bunch of other overly excited dogs.  Instead, we park at the end of the parking area and I don't get out of the car until it's almost time to walk, then I stay behind the car so I can't see the other dogs, until it's almost time to walk. 

I start in the back of the pack and leave a considerable amount of space between myself and the next dog.  We no sooner got started today, than a woman came walking toward us with a big German Shepard.  All of the pack walk dogs moved to one side and my mama sat me down and petted me and the doggie didn't bother me at all. 

After about a mile, we leave the path on the Eastern Trail and walk down to the river.  I didn't go down there this time, instead my mama gave me a drink on the trail and we waited for the others to come back.  As we headed back, instead of being in a nice, long line, most of the dogs were able to walk closer together.  I was passed by another doggie, then passed a dog and was passed again and I never freaked out or lost my cool, even when we passed two little dogs that were freakin' out at us!

There were dogs in front of me...

and dogs behind me...
and I was just chillin' in the middle!
As you can see, I'm wearing my sunglasses, which my mama calls my Behavior Modification Accessory.  For some reason, my peoples believe I am better behaved when I wear them.  Maybe I am...maybe I'm not but people think I'm cute, so it's all good.
It took about an hour of walking before we got back to the car and all of the doggies and their people were tired.  It was a nice walk and my mama was really, REALLY proud of me.  I think there are more walks for me in the future. mama is having a problem with her iCloud photos so these are kinda small.  She promises she'll come back and fix them when she figures out what the problem is (or Uncle Dan figures it out)!

Until next time...Sir Titan of Nottingham CGC TT

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