Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Day

To be honest, I don't even know what Leap Day is but my mama says it's a bonus day in Floor-i-duh cause not every Feb-u-air-eee has this extra day.  Whatever...

Even though tomorrow is my half birthday, my papa wanted to celebrate today and who am I to argue.  Just as long as we celebrate tomorrow, too!  (That might be pushing my luck but I won't know till tomorrow.)

You are probably asking yourself what can possibly be holding my attention
gimme, gimme, gimme...pleeeeeeze
 It's not the usual Wendy's, it's even better!
ARBY'S?  You got me ARBY'S?
I've never had Arby's before, this mush be a very special day, indeed.  

I'm a very polite eater.  I don't gobble down the whole thing, I eat it nice and slow so I can savor it.  I have no idea when Leap Day will come again.  First, I take a good sniff (never eat something you don't smell first!)
Then, I work my way to the good stuff in the middle.
I pretty much ate the entire insides in one big bite.
On to the bread, bottom first.
Finally, the top with all those cute little seeds, hope they don't get stuck in my teeth.
And then it was gone, just like that ;o(  Did you notice that I ate the entire thing off the good smelling paper placemat so I didn't get any on the deck?
Is there another one by any chance?
Apparently not.

Until next time...Sir Titan of Nottingham CGC TT

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