Monday, August 29, 2011

It's All About ME, ME, ME

Welcome to my very own blog. Some of you may know me from the blog I was sharing with my mama, which you can read here but I was kind of tired of sharing.  Sooooo, without further ado...
I am Titan and I am one lucky dog.  I was surrendered to the shelter as a puppy because my family could no longer take care of me.  The shelter didn't adopt put bulls because there is a problem with dog fighting in that town but someone there thought I was special (duh, yah) and called a different shelter in a different town to take me.  I'm lucky because they said "Yes". So I was trans-fur-d to the new shelter.
I'm told that I arrived at the new shelter loving dogs and people.  Unfortunately, I got stressed by the shelter environment and the staff thought there was something wrong with me because sometimes I wobbled and fell over.  I'm lucky because one of the shelter staff took me home and became my Foster Mom.  This is me sharing the backseat with her when she came to visit us in Floor-i-duh last winter.
Isn't she the most beautiful foster mom, eva?
I stayed with her for quite a while, until she made a movie starring ME.  My new family saw that movie and fell in love with me because I was goofy and made them laugh.  (I WAS amazing, if I do say so.)  They were concerned about my wobbles but said I could come to visit "for the weekend".  
I had a plan and was on my best behavior "for the weekend".  I didn't get on the fur-knee-chur or chew on things that didn't belong to me or go to the bathroom in the house.  Even though I was only staying "f.t.w." they (mostly my papa) bought me a bed and toys and bowls for my food and water.  It was a good plan!  That was June, 2010 and I was officially adopted in July!!    

That's how it all started.  There's a lot more to tell but I'll save that for another post. 
This is my happy face ;o)
Until next time...Sir Titan of Nottingham  

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