Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gimme a TWO!


You might ask yourself..."I wonder why Titan wants a two, hmmm".  Because (drum roll, please)


Yeah, that's right, I'm TWO already.  Can you believe it?  That's twice as old as I was last year.  I don't really understand how that works but my mama and papa said today we are celebrating my BIRTHDAY!  They said I get PRESENTS!  My papa took me shopping all the way to Portland and I got this really cool new collar.

Me and my cool new collar
Isn't it b-u-t-ful?  It's real leather and I think it's bedazzled in a very understated masculine way.  What do you think?

That's not all!!!  There's more!!!  My Auntie Jocelyn and her boyfriend E-thun are coming over for dinner tomorrow and I get more PRESENTS.  My mama is even baking something she calls cup-caks and I get to have my very OWN.   I don't know what a cup-cak is but it must be extra special if my mama is cooking it (she doesn't cook much) and it's just for me to celebrate my BIRTHDAY.

I don't understand what a birthday is, but I know it's a lot of fun and did I mention...I get PRESENTS. 

In case you didn't get enough earlier, here's another picture of me in my b-u-t-ful collar.

Shopping makes me tired

Ahhh, I'm a lucky dog.  And I'm TWO!

Until next time...Sir Titan of Nottingham

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