Saturday, March 3, 2012

Notice Anything?

Take a close look at this picture and tell me what you see THAT'S DIFFERENT.
Yeah, I know, I'm stylin'
Here's a's not my fancy new polka dot collar and it's not my new Valentine's Day Kanine Kerchief that my mama made special for me.

It's my green Mart-and-Gail collar.  I don't know if Mart and Gail invented it or were the first two dogs to wear one.  I do know it means I'm doing a really good job of walking on a loose leash.

It's a lot better than the shiny, pinchy one
Looking out over the Peace River last year
that I had to wear last year.  Everyone was afraid of me because they thought I had to wear it because I was a mean dog.

Then I grad-u-ate-ed to this boring, black one that always made me yawn when "they" made me wear it
Resting on our walk
and everyone was still afraid of me because they thought I had to wear it because I was a mean dog and had to wear a muzzle.  Don't these people know ANYTHING?  My mama and papa had to keep telling them "No, he won't bite." and "No, it isn't a muzzle, it's just a head harness."  GEEZ.

To be honest, the Mart-and-Gail is a lot more comfortable.  Well, except when I "freak out" because of another dog and practically choke myself.  Now people are just afraid of me because they think I look scary and maybe I'm a pit bull and maybe I'll bite off their arm if they don't hold it close to their body or walk across the street.  DUH!  I'm just a normal dog with a short brown coat, a big block head and lots of muscle.  Admittedly, I am handsome and buff and I can understand why people take a second look but then they get all wierded out and that hurts my feelings ;o(  My mama says she will work to change one mind at a time for as long as it takes.  And I'll work with her ;o) and my papa, too.

Until next time...Sir Titan of Nottingham

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