Sunday, December 23, 2012

Linus is in the House

Is that a leaf?
Linus is my new foster brother.  The best part about him is that he gets to stay through Christmas!  The last two foster sisters, Jingle Belle and Noel, were here less than 5 days.  I hardly got to know them and they were gone and adopted.  Hooray for them and their new families.
Jingle Belle
These sisters were 8 week old pointer mixes.

Linus came from the same foster mama that Penny came from.  Remember her?
I loved her and I wrote a blog all about our relationship here.

Linus is pretty cool, too.  Since there is only one of him, it's easier for my mama and papa to take us on walks together.  He's already pretty good on a leash.  When we walk, I'm not on my best behavior...I want to be in front, ALWAYS!  So I pull my mama along until she stops dead in her tracks and refuses to move until I relax. 
Then we are off again, get the picture. 

When we come home, Linus and I get to play together in the yard. 
Don't just sit there, LET'S PLAY!
Tag, you're it.
The weather got colder today so my papa went to the shelter and got Linus a nice, warm jacket.
Check out my new jacket
Strutting his stuff
Sticks are almost as exciting as leaves
My favorite kong toy broke today ;o(  But I still shared with him and we played keep away.
nah, nah, nah...You can't reach it.
You'll have to catch me first.
Who's got it now?

I'm going to hide it in my mouth so Titan can't find it.
It's so much fun having fosters in the house.
On 3...ready, set...THREE
Whad-ya find?

Linus will return to the Animal Welfare Society after Christmas and he'll be available for uh-dop-shun.  He's around 4 months old, nearly house broken and already knows "sit". 

We're getting in the car after New Year's and heading south to Floor-i-duh so there won't be any new fosters until the spring.  I'll miss having company ;o(f but I do like warm weather.

Until next time...Sir Titan of Nottingham CGC TT


  1. Linus is adorable. I love that you foster puppies! Have fun in warm and sunny FL!

    1. My mama says we love the puppies, mostly because I tolerate them so well ;o) Not to mention, how darn cute they are. As it turns out, Linus was adopted by the people that adopted Penny! What a great doggie family they have. Thanks for checking in! There will be lots of adventures in warm, sunny Floor-i-duh. Have a safe winter and say "hi" to Nola.