Tuesday, December 4, 2012

More Nose Work

I have moved into the next tier of Nose Work...paring the odor of food with the odor of birch.  Ever wonder what birch smells like?  Well, it smells like winter-green, whatever that is.  My mama says it smells goooood.  However, she can only smell it when she puts her nose in the jar; I can smell it from several feet away.

Our instructor, Miss Pam, gave everyone several q-tips (cut in half just in case some silly dog eats them) soaked in birch oil.  She says they will smell for a long, long time if they are kept in an air tight jar.  
Glass jar with scented q-tips
When we want to play "search", the q-tips are moved to a metal container with holes in the top so I can smell the birch. 
Not just another Altoids tin!
At first, the metal container is paired with a lot of treats.  When I find the tin, I get the treats and then my mama or papa give me more treats, right on top of the tin, so I smell the birch while I'm gobbling up the treats.  Each week Miss Pam uses less food and now I only get one tiny piece of food on top of the tin, but I get lots of treats on the tin when I find it, which just makes me want to search again.  That's what makes the game so much fun.

Pay attention to the 53 second mark where I "alert" to the "find".  Those are all Nose Work terms in case you didn't know ;o)  This exercise is called chasing the squirrel.  There are two tins and every time I find one, Miss Pam takes it away and I search for the other one, so I never have to stop.  It helps dogs like me that aren't very fo-cust.

I'm not exactly all business at class but I sure do have fun and get rid of a lot of energy!  You can tell I'm having fun because my tail.never.stops!

Until next time...Sir Titan of Nottingham, CGC TT


  1. This is awesome! Thanks so much for posting this for me to see. I would love to get Athena started on searching for some birch at home, so I really like your explanation of how it's done and how to use the Q-Tips! Good thing we have so many mason jars in our house =)

    Thanks for stopping by our blog, I'm so glad to have found another dog blog to follow!

    1. Glad we found each other. I'm looking forward to seeing more of Athena, she's kind of cute ;o)