Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pit Bull in Disguise

Last year when we came to Floor-i-duh my mama and papa thought the sun was very bright, especially the way it reflects off the sidewalks.  They always wear sunglasses and thought it would be a good idea if I wore some also.  My mama spent all summer getting me used to wearing them.  You can read about that here.  It required a lot of pay-shunts on the part of both of us and a lot of treats too.

Yesterday, for the first time, I tried wearing them on our walk and it wasn't that bad.  The deal was easy, I'll start wearing them but when they start bothering me, I can take them off.
Scanning the area for paparazzi
Yes, I'm very aware they are a little crook-ud.
It started with a lot of treats, my personal favorite and ended when I started trying to get them Off.My.Face!  My mama and papa were fair and didn't try to convince me to continue wearing them.  Everyone was happy with the first attempt.

Today was another day and I'm proud to say I.Wore.My.Sunglasses.The.ENTIRE.Walk!!!
Psst...I've heard that chicks dig dudes in glasses ;o)
Now, here's the funny part.  Well, not funny, haha, but funny, weird.  No one was afraid of me today in my glasses.  Sometimes when we walk, people will cross the street or look down and sneer or move as far as possible away from me and actually bring their hands closer to their bodies.  Like I'm gonna rip their hands right off their arms because I'm a pit bull and people believe that we are un-pre-dick-tu-bull and could just snap at any moment.   Seriously, people!! 

Anyway, today people thought I was cute!  They stopped to get a good look at me or smiled and commented about my nice looking glasses.  Some people chuckled as they walked past.  One lady asked if I minded wearing sunglasses.  My mama told her this was the first time and the lady smiled.  One nice man in a car nearly caused an accident by stopping and commenting on how nicely I behaved.  He even said he wished his kids were so well behaved!  Talk about being a good am-bass-a-door (of course, none of those people had dogs with them, but that's another story).  My mama reads about two pit bull type dogs that live in Chicago, Two Pitties in the City, and their mama says wearing goofy hats and costumes make her dogs more approachable.  If today's reactions are any indication, that's absolutely true and I.Liked.It.  Now, I'm not saying I'll wear goofy hats or costumes but I'm digging the glasses and the love.

My papa says if I'm going to get used to wearing sunglasses, he might need to buy me some manly ones.  That remains to be seen (through sunglasses).

Until next time...Sir Titan of Nottingham CGC TT