Saturday, December 27, 2014

My New Best Friend

Christmas brought me the best present ever...a new friend.  Well, technically, she isn't new, she's six years old already and we have met before.  The last time Ella came to visit, she was a lot smaller and I was a lot, well, rougher and crazier.  This time was different.  She is bigger and I was better behaved!  Win-Win

We were very respectful of one another.  I didn't jump on her and she didn't bother me when I was sleeping.  After my mama explained that I don't care much for hugs, she didn't even hug me any more.  That's my kind of friend!

She went for a walk with me and my papa and the best thing of all...she brought me presents.  Can you believe it?  Presents just for me.  First of all she gave me a huge rawhide candy cane, which my papa says I have to take to Floor-i-duh.  She also brought me an awesome tug toy!  It has a ball on a rope and I love it!
I love it more than I love most of the toys my mama buys for me.  I hope Ella doesn't find out but I love it so much, I already chewed the ball off the rope.  No worries, I still love it!

I'm looking forward to visiting with my new BFF when we come home in the spring.  

Until next time...Sir Titan of Nottingham GCG TT


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