Wednesday, September 23, 2015


I have been chasing squirrels my  My Auntie Wendy and Uncle Dan bought me a very special gift when they were in Bar Harbor with my mama and papa.  Squirrel cookies.
Please note...these were NOT a gift from my very own people but from my other special people.  Go figure.

Well, I digress.

I begged and pleaded for my cookies.
Cookies, please...
Just give me the darned cookies...pleeeeeeeeeze!
So, finally, after chasing squirrels my whole life, I finally caught one!
and took off it's head!

Squirrels are delicious! 

Thank you Auntie Wendy and Uncle Dan for thinking about me.  Apparently no one else did.

Until next time...Sir Titan of Nottingham CGC TT

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