Friday, May 19, 2017

The Irish Puppies

Jameson, Paddy, Patrick and Penny came up from the south to stay with us for a few days, before they get homes of their own. They were part of a litter of eight but my mama (being the smart one) said four of them could come to our house.  There are two boys and two girls.
They were supposed to weigh five pounds but they seem a lot bigger than that, although no one has bothered to weigh them.  My people are slacking.

They got to spend lots of time outside, chasing each other around the pen, eating sticks and leaves, getting bitten by those darn black flies and barking at me for no reason.  My mama says they just want to play but I don't have much interest in playing.  

Everything was going well until my mama and papa went to the gym and out to dinner but someone forgot to lock the gate on the puppies pen in the cellar.  If my mama had her phone and didn't get so mad when she opened the door and found them running around the cellar, she would have taken a picture.  What a mess!!!  Poop and pee, brooms laying everywhere, an open bag of dog food (explains why they weren't very hungry), a spilled container of laundry detergent and so on.  They were bad puppies but I bet they had a really good time making such a mess.  

Anyway...they arrived here on Tuesday and my mama is taking them back to the shelter on Saturday so they can get uh-dop-ted.  They will make some families very happy.

Good luck Irish puppies.
Parker, wearing the black collar

Here are their "mug" shots from the AWS website...
Until next time...Sir Titan of Nottingham CGC TT


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