Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Dillie and Dovey...Southern girls visit Nottingham Fosters

These two lovelies came to us from somewhere in the south.  They are schnauzer mixes and they are super cute and sweet.  I'm a little envious of their cute whiskers.  They arrived here on June 3rd and will be with us for a couple of weeks before going to a very special uh-dop-shun event on the 17th.
They should be super easy to house train because after they eat, mama and papa take them outside and they pee and poop within minutes and there is very little mess in their kennel.  

My mama and papa are in love with them.  Dovey loves to chase the ball and she already knows to bring it back.  They think she would make a great Flyball participant.

They also really like my Kong toy...MY Kong toy.  Good grief, I cannot leave them unsupervised for even a minute.
These puppies are among my mama and papa's top five favorite foster puppies and they are really going to miss them when they leave.  As for me...I will have MY toy back, full of puppy slobber.

While I was having sir-juries, they got to go on a field trip to Wendy's!  It's not fair...I like Wendy's, too and I didn't get to go.  Booooooo

Until next time...Sir Titan of Nottingham CGC TT

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