Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

I love being loved, doesn't every dog!  I don't remember much about my time at the shelter but I don't think I felt loved.  I think I felt scared, afraid, alone, maybe sad, but not loved.  That is until my foster mama took me home, then my mama and papa adopted me.  I think it took awhile for me to feel loved even then but I sure do feel loved now!

I know my mama loves me because she brought her sewing machine to Floor-i-duh and MADE me a new bandana for Valentine's Day.
My mama calls here bandanas "Kiki's Kanine Kerchiefs" and they are all reversible, so it's like getting two bandanas in one.  

I know my papa loves me because he bought me a new HUGE marrow bone at the butchers even though I haven't finished the old one. 
This is a facsimile of the real new bone
AND, after dinner I got to play with a nearly empty peanut butter jar! (You have to take my word for this.)
Me and my papa on our walk
A close-up showing my new bandana
My papa giving me some lovin'.  After all, it's Valentine's Day ;o)
Hope you felt loved today.

Until next time...Sir Titan of Nottingham

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