Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mr. Chewy

My mama reads a lot of blogs and that turned out to be a good thing.  She won a giveaway from Jess at the Pittieful Love blog.  Want to know what she won?  Well, it was a $50 certificate to none other than
That's right, $50 to an online pet food (and treat) retailer.  The box came TODAY!!!
I KNEW it was for me!  I could SMELL it was for me so I agreed to help get it open.
Something in here smells GOOOOOOD 

Aaaah, at last.
My mama ordered lots of treats.  Oh yeah baby.....

Look at all this stuff
PureBites, Zukes and Knuckle bones
What the heck is a knuckle bone anyway?
I tried to help my papa unwrap the KB but he said "I don't need your help, thank you very much".  Then he put it way up high on the counter ;o(  So, I did what I do...I waited
See how patient I am?
"What is taking you soooo long????"

"So, this is a knuckle bone."
My mama was very happy with Mr. Chewy.  She said the web-sight was easy to use and they had lots of different kinds of food and treats.  It's not just for dogs either, they have stuff for lazy, bossy fur-balls cats and other animals, too.  They sent our order really fast and she said their prices were reson-uh-bull.  She promises that once my treats are gone, she'll order me more from Mr. Chewy.

If you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go work on my new knuckle bone.

Ru-mer has it, there's another one of these in the freezer for the ride home to May-nuh.  Yum!

Until next time...Sir Titan of Nottingham

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