Saturday, September 21, 2013

Foster Babies

There haven't been any foster babies in the house since Troy found his new family (which my slacker blogger mama needs to update everyone on).  That's because my mama and papa went to camp, then they went to Bar Harbor and both times I was abandoned got to stay home with the wonderful Ginger N.  They say it's not va-k-shun when I go along.  Now that they have finally completed all their vacation trips, which they pack into a month, it's time for more fosters.

This time there wasn't one, but SIX.  Can you believe it?  SIX foster babies.  
Meeting the new foster babies
These little ones are only four weeks old and are orphans.  My mama says that means they don't have a mama to take care of them, so that's what we are going to do.  They get a milk supplement, some wet puppy food and a little dry kibble, all mixed together.  It doesn't look very appetizing to me but they seem to get all excited when it's time to eat.  It has come to my attention that these babies don't really understand the idea of eating, rather than drinking, their meals.  They walk in it, then walk over each other, then spill it all over, then walk through it and so on.  What a mess they make!  I am such a neat eater I would never, ever walk through it, that would mean less in my tummy!

When the weather is nice, they get to spend some time outside, which gives my papa time to clean their pen, which seriously needs to be done.  P-U...they are stinky!  
All the babies kind of look alike, so each one got a new collar, which makes it easier for my mama and papa to tell them apart.  I don't think they need any silly collars, I can tell them apart by their smell, although at this point they all smell kind of yucky because they walk through stinky stuff, then walk all over each other.  Do you see a pattern here?  Silly babies!

In case you are wondering, there are two boys and four girls.  My mama named the boys Wallace and Lennox, after two very special dogs.  They named the girls Sunny, Penelope, Raven and Serenity.

They are too small (and too noisy) for me to want to play with them but they will be here for a month or so, getting bigger every day.  That means plenty of time to play.  Stay tuned...

Until next time...Sir Titan of Nottingham CGC TT

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