Sunday, September 1, 2013

Today I am FOUR!

Happy Birthday to Meeeeee
I know, it's hard to believe that I have been living four years already.  Birthday days are my favorite days!  Today dawned sunny and b-u-t-ful.  I knew it was going to be a most spectacular day when my papa cooked an entire piece of bacon for me, then fed it to me while I waited patiently on my mat and I didn't even have to do any stupid dumb special tricks to get a teeny, tiny piece of bacon but instead I got big pieces and they just kept coming until it was all gone.  Oh yes, I knew it was going to be a good day.
See how patiently I'm waiting for BACON!
Oh My Dog, that's d-lish-us
Soon after BACON and after my mama and papa took f.o.r.e.v.e.r to eat their breakfast and prepare themselves for my special day, I got my second present...a new martingale collar.  My papa wanted one for me so I would look extra special handsome on Sunday when we do the Strut Your Mutt walk to benefit the Sadie Fund at the Animal Welfare Society.  More on that next week.

Collar by RC Pet Products
Pirate Pooch design
Next up...our morning walk.  I'm thinking I look very stylish.
Sometimes I like to be at the end of the leash, but I'm not pulling, really I'm not.
I'm expected to "sit" when we stop and so I sit ;o)
My birthday day just started and I'm already all smiles.
Smile and the world smiles with you
After a wonderful walk, I helped myself to a drink in Sassy's fire hydrant fountain, now that my mama made it clean and fresh.
This is where their choices get a little questionable.  My mama and papa decided it was such a great day, they needed to go for a bike ride (which you can read all about here, once my mama gets off her lazy rear, the post completed).  Since I don't have thumbs, it's quite obvious that I wasn't invited to join them, so they left me alone for the afternoon...on my birthday day of all days.  HA, I thoroughly enjoyed myself by doing things I'm not usually allowed to do...I got very comfy in my papa's chair and took a nice, long nap.  I sat on the big, red footstool, looked out the window and barked at the hated white cat lurking across the street.  I can't really tell you what else I did because it's top secret and I plead the 5th, whatever that means.

Finally, after what seemed like a really long time, even though everyone believes that dogs can't tell time, they came home.  I can't complain, really because they brought me a super, special present that smelled heavenly.  Any guesses?

Then there was more...

Wow, two stuffies and 2 marrow bones.  I didn't think it could get any better until I heard my mama tell my papa that I had a Frosty Paws frozen treat in the freezer. I saved my stuffies until after dinner but worked some magic on a fresh marrow bone from Jerry's Market.
I'm very good at "waiting" but enough is enough
I chewed it on the deck

and I chewed it on the grass
I even posed patiently with my SpongeBob birthday party hat, although next year I think I deserve a new hat! 

I enjoyed a super, marvelous, extra special birthday day and I can't wait till next year.  Then I needed a nap because birthday's wear me out.
Dog tired
Until next time...Sir Titan of Nottingham CGC TT

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