Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Puppies Went to Prison

What?  How can puppies be in prison you might ask.  Let me explain.

The puppies came to stay with us when they were only four weeks old, just tiny little things.
Hello puppies, I'm your big foster brother
You can read all about that here.

Well, they ate and grew and ate grew (and pooped, a lot!).  You can read about them at six weeks old here.  

I didn't care much for them at first.  They were small and really noisy and kind of scary.  But once they got bigger, I enjoyed smelling them and playing with them.
I was a good foster brother, teaching them things like running in a group
run, puppies, run
and doing a forward roll
That's it, now kick with your hind legs
and the ever important "sit"
Nice "sit".  You will garner lots of treats for that.
Finally, they were old enough to get "fixed".  My mama says there are enough doggies in this world, so these foster babies won't ever be having any of their own, just like me ;o)  

THEN, when they reached nine weeks old, it was time for them to return to the shelter because there were big plans for their future.  They were going to enter the Pawz In Stripes program.  The Animal Welfare Society partners with the Maine Correctional Center for a very special program.  You can read all about it here.  Briefly, they will be paired one on one with inmates at the prison.  They will be "locked up" for six weeks and will learn a lot more than I could teach them, things like being crate trained and the all important housebreaking.  They get time to play together and even have obedience classes on a weekly basis.  When they return to the AWS to be adopted, they will be extra special, extra smart, extra well behaved puppies.

We are all going to miss them because, as my mama says, we fall in love with each and every one that spends time with us.  However, I will enjoy having the yard to myself and not having some little ball of fur sneaking up behind me and sniffing my private parts, if you get my drift.  My mama and papa will enjoy having the cellar back in order and a little extra time to themselves (which they can spend with moi!).

Have a great life little puppies, thanks for visiting.

Playing with one of the six available rawhides
Penelope and Lennox "Can Titan come out to play?"
Serenity practicing her "sit"

tired puppy pile
Until next time...Sir Titan of Nottingham CGC TT

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