Saturday, January 14, 2012

I Was Almost Perfect

Almost, but not quite.  Look at this picture and tell me if you can see the little dog walking in front of us.  It's small and it's far away, so look really close.
See it?  That little dark spot in the middle of the picture?  That's another dog and it's walking right in front of me.  I was A.W.E.S.O.M.E!  I didn't tug, or pull or feel the need to pee on every.single.thing it had walked by or touched.  Then IT happened...that dog stopped to poop and we couldn't help but catch up to it even though we were walking really, really slow.  We couldn't even cross the street because there isn't any sidewalk on the other side.  I was doing such a good job but once I could look it in the eyes, I wanted to run over and say "Hi. I've been following you.  Did you see me?  What's your name?  Want to play?"  I was so anxious to introduce myself that I pushed and pulled and nearly knocked my mama over.  She isn't much of a pushover but I did manage to get in front of her, only to be stopped short by my papa.   

That dog was little but kind of scary; it snarled at me.  Okay, I wasn't being very polite (I've been told I'm a rude greeter, whatever that means) but it hurt my feelings.  My mama and papa just kept walking and dragging me along.   My mama was MAD!  I can tell because she walks very fast, holds my leach very short and doesn't say nice things to me or about me.  She gets mad because she says I make us all look bad (I still think I'm lookin' good, but I digress) and people will think I'm a mean dog.  Being a "pit bull" type dog and all, it's about appearances and they say I represent all the other "pit bull" type dogs so it's important that I behave myself.  Whatever... 

Until next time...Sir Titan of Nottingham

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