Saturday, January 26, 2013

There Are No Inquiring Minds

Seriously???  Not one single comment on my new collars?  Even though no one cares what new collar I'm wearing, I'm gonna tell you anyway!

My mama says since we have a choice, my new collar should match my n-vire-mint, so since we are in Floor-i-duh and my mama says it is trop-i-cul here, I'm wearing the blue buh-teek collar because it's trop-i-cul too.

The blue buh-teek one

See how nice it looks against my handsome self.  I think my mama's right, I look good whether I'm practicing my "down, stay" on my mat
or keeping my papa's seat warm in the car.

My mama says May-nuh is all woods and trees, so my other collar will look good when we get home.  I think she's probably right about that, too.
The May-nuh woodsy one
Until next time...Sir Titan of Nottingham CGC TT


  1. Shucks! I meant to comment on the collar post, but I read it at the time that I was looking for a new collar for our Annie, & I got distracted & ended up looking at a million collars. You look very handsome in your new one.

    1. No worries Pauley James, that happens to us all the time, we are easily distracted. Did you find a new collar for Annie? My Auntie Wendy tried to comment but it got lost in cyber-space. I don't understand everything I know about computers. Thank you for the compliment.