Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Am A Good Dog!

Sometimes my mama gets frustrated with me because I'm reactive around other dogs, especially when I'm walking on a leash.  She wishes she could take me hiking and walking and to outdoor cafes, but she can't and that makes her sad.  Sometimes she even wishes she had another dog that was "easier", whatever that means.  She said she has been thinking lately about all the ways I'm such a good dog and she decided to make a list.

1) I react negatively to other dogs when I'm walking on a leash
2) I stand in the corner of the yard and bark at Manny, the dog next door (but sometimes he starts it!)

 1) I'm not afraid of thunder or other loud noises
 2) I have never chewed anything that wasn't mine (except one pair of my mama's panties and one of my papa's socks, but that was a looooong time ago)
 3) I have never gone to the bathroom in the house, NEVER
 4) I hardly ever bother Sassy, the really old cat
 5) I don't beg for food
 6) I don't look out the window and bark
 7) I'm great riding in the car
 8) I walk nicely on a loose leash (except for the other dog thing)
 9) I'm working hard to be calm when company comes
10) I don't jump on people
11) I don't chase the vacuum any more
12) I don't dig holes in the yard
13) I "release" things I have in my mouth when I'm in the house (not outside, tho)
14) I usually "sit" before going through the door
15) Speaking of doors, I never push them open
16) I LOVE puppies and kids

So, when she stops and thinks about it rationally, not in the heat of a reactive moment, she realizes what a great dog I really am, and she's thankful!
Until next time...Sir Titan of Nottingham

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