Friday, May 18, 2012

Play Date Update

Sorry, no pictures with this post.  My papa says you can't appropriately watch a dog and try to take pictures at the same time.  The date wasn't a complete success but it wasn't a total failure, either.  I got all wriggly and jiggly with the puppy and played very nicely.  When I had an older dog to play with (I think his name was Scooby) Ben says I'm "cun-flick-ted".  I get all wriggly and want to play, then I get nervous and defensive, then I get all wriggly and want to play.  My papa took Scooby and Ben took me and the four of us went for a walk and I was good.  Thankfully, Ben says we can try it again next week.  

Ben says I'm "a work in progress".  My mama and papa and anyone else that knows me, already knows that.  

Thank you Ben for being so patient with me and for taking time on your day off to let me play with your dogs.  And thanks to my papa for taking me to Ben's to play.

Until next time...Sir Titan of Nottingham

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